GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race



Cancellation Notice - 2020 GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race

We are living in a time of uncertainty and as an event that by its very nature grows resilience in its participants, we believe that you as people will rise to the challenges that you are facing.

As the organisers of the GO-4-12, we were incredibly disappointed that we had to postpone this year’s event which was supposed to be held in April and we are now faced with the reality that we cannot guarantee that we will not disappoint our competitors again and not be able to hold the 2020 event in September.  We also can see that in September schools are going to be focused on their student’s academic achievements and possibly only a few mainstream sports.  

The financial effect of Covid-19 has also seriously affected some of our great sponsor networks in the short term and this will mean that some of these sponsors will not be able to support this year’s event.  We are also aware that many families may be facing hardships as a result of the financial fallout of Covid-19 and will be unable to afford the costs associated with the event.  

Therefore, it is with great sadness we announce the cancellation of the GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race for 2020.

We know that this decision will be disappointing, but we want to give clarity to our competitors, volunteers, sponsors and our community.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2021 and wish you all the best for the rest of the year.

Explore, Challenge, Grow

For Fifteen Years GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race has offered youth the opportunity to Explore, be Challenged and Grow through taking part in an Authentic Adventure Race designed to be Safe, fun and achievable. 

With three Race lengths, a Three Hour a Six Hour and the original Twelve Hour event there is an event for everyone.

All 3 events are held in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

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3 Hour Explorer

A Three hour event. For years 7 -10. Team of 2, single or mixed gender. A fun introduction to adventure racing with lots of different activities (no biking).

6 Hour Adventure

A Six hour event. For years 9 and above. Team of 4, single or mixed gender. Fun with lots of different activities, biking, navigation, kayaking.

GO-4-12 Challenge NZSSARC

A 12 hour event. For years 10 and above. Teams of 4, single or mixed gender. Authentic adventure race with core disciplines - mountain biking, walking/running, rope skills and navigation.


3 Hour Explorer

$80 entry team of 2

Years 7-10, Teams of 2

Intro to Adventure Racing

Spot Prizes

1st in Division Medals

6 Hour Adventure

$320 entry team of 4

Years 9+, Teams of 4

Authentic Adventure Race

Spot Prizes

1st in Division Medals

GO-4-12 Challenge/NZSSARC

$560 entry team of 4

Years 10+, Teams of 4

12-Hour event

Authentic Adventure Race

Spot Prizes & 1st in Division Awards

Gold Sponsors